Kerry concedes victory to Bush. What can I say, except that I’ve never felt so powerless or alienated before in my life. Powerless because I have to face another 4 years of a man with whom I cannot identify with or support, alienated because fully half of this country voted for him, in essence endorsing a position for America in the world that I vehemently oppose. Hence the black ribbon at the top of this blog, which is to say: Bush, YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. I’d love to have the positive outlook of this poster at Kos, and I know that in order to overcome the feelings of alienation, I’m going to have to allow America to be big enough to contain all the various positions and definitions and outlooks of the people who live here. But right now I’m just fucking angry and upset.



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2 responses to “W2

  1. But get angry and get mobilized.
    We need to:
    a) tar every Republican in every blue state with the Bush brush in the 2006 mid-terms. Chris Shays et al need to be held responsible for the mess that is to come in Iraq.
    b) run for office at every level — School Boards, Town Supervisors, State Assemblymen… everywhere.
    c) keep the progressive movement going. Keep moveon.org and DFA going with contributions, both human and monetary.
    And stay active.

  2. Sarah

    Thanks, you’re absolutely right. I don’t mean to say that I’m going to give up and tune out, but I am feeling emotionally drained at the moment. This growing schism that we’re facing, whether it’s real or not (Democrats have moral values too, of course, and faith)… it’s tough to change belief systems, and it seems like Repulican vs. Democrat is that entrenched. We’re going to have to be much smarter about it than we have been.

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