Just got back from voting at a public school in my neighborhood. Stood in a longish line for maybe 20 minutes or so, not bad. I was afraid that I wasn’t on the rolls because I registered by mail and never received a card back from the city, but my name was there and so I got to pull the lever. Heard several people while in line saying that these were the longest lines that they’ve seen in 10, 20, 30 years of voting. I hope that these words are being repeated in lines across the nation today. Whatever the outcome, I think it would be a terrific if the percentage of voters went up. Anyway, I’ve got classes this evening, but will be riveted to the tv with a group of friends afterwards (though I highly doubt that we’ll have a clear winner by the end of the evening). This has been such a tense campaign that we can all use a little moral support as it goes down to the wire.


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