Vermont bloggers

I was just taking a break from reading to do a little websurfing, when I came across this article about Vermont blogger Jerome Armstrong via Jessymn. Along with a story about the myDD blogger, the article runs a sidebar with 4 interesting Vermont bloggers (including the aforementioned Jessymn). The last blogger on the list caught my attention:

Morgan Brown is prolific for a blogger who posts only on public terminals. The 48-year-old Montpelier man has been homeless, off and on, for 31 years.

Brown blogs at several sites, including his home blog, Norsehorse’s Home Turf: Living Homeless, Yet Never Hopeless… Recent posts on his blog talk about local and national politics, art, people he meets in his travels, and a course of study at a local college. Certainly gives me another perspective on blogging, and an appreciation for public libraries (ask your representatives about why e-Rate has been frozen!).


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