kill ’em all?

“There’s no doubt we need to kill terrorists” – Congressman from NJ on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning during the 30 Issues in 30 Days segment

I’ve heard both Kerry and Bush say on several occasions – the first debate comes to mind – that we (he, they) will hunt down terrorists where they are and kill them. This makes me horribly uncomfortable – not only the thought of killing people (yes, I’m anti-death penalty) but because this rhetoric has become so pervasive in daily life, spoken by our national leaders, spread by the media, and repeated by the people. I can’t remember another moment in my lifetime when such a morally ambiguous sentiment was thrown about in public, virtually unquestioned. I know this is a sensitive subject, particularly in the shadow of 9/11. I don’t want to make a statement about the content in particular, but just to make a meta-observation and wonder about the effects of such a rhetoric on the citizens of this country.


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