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About a week ago, my fellow CCTE doc student Ulises introduced me to the notion of social bookmarking when he sent around an email inviting a group of CCTE doc students to contribute to a newly-minted site, CCTE Distributed Research. Why?

at the graduate program where I am studying (Communication, Computing and Technology in Education, or CCTE), we usually share links by email or through classroom discussion boards. This means things don’t get archived collectively, and only some people benefit from such knowledge. Some of us have blogs, but we don’t really use them to share bookmarks.

Reading the email and trying out the site, I had an “oh!” moment, quickly followed by a “duh” moment, as in – brilliant but obvious, why didn’t we think of it sooner?

Here’s the catch though, as with any new technology I guess – how do we convince fellow doc students to contribute? Surfing the web and saving bookmarks is already a culturally embedded practice, so it’s not a matter of convincing people to start up something completely new. Posting to the site is really easy with the bookmarklet feature, you don’t have to leave the interface of the browser. Is it “just” a time issue, or are there bigger issues around sharing knowledge, which we’re not necessarily trained to do – or at least, are only trained to do in certain contexts and in certain formats (completed research at conferences, for example).

Anywhoo. Check out the CCTE Distributed Research site, it’s got a great collection of links related to education, technology, and society.



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2 responses to “social bookmarks

  1. eidosabi

    I’ve been reading about for some time now and just got on the bandwagon. I finally tried it after reading your post and had my own “oh!” moment. Thanks.

  2. Sarah

    Glad to be of service! 🙂 What kind of bookmarks did you set up, is it topical or just general things that you come across?

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