I’m in the process of installing Virutal PC on my lovely Apple Powerbook G4. My poor laptop is now sullied by the presence of Evil. Yes, yes, I know that Micro$oft has shares in Apple. But still. Why oh why won’t someone make a qualitative analysis tool for Mac OS X?? (and no, I can’t run NUD*IST, I haven’t run OS 9 in a couple of years now.) I’m going to try out Transana… has anyone had experience with it that they’d like to share? Ah well… on the upside, at least I will know mine enemy. πŸ˜‰



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2 responses to “dirty!

  1. What about any of the unix / linux packages out there? There must be something that you could run on OSX.

  2. Sarah

    You know, that’s an excellent idea. Thanks! Being only a quasi-techie (the only if-then statement that I’m familiar with is If “I use terminal to navigate my file system, Then I mess everything up [unless I’m following explicit directions]” :)) my mind didn’t naturally flow in that direction. A Google search for qualitative analysis unix turned up a bunch of software resource sites that list currently available packages. I’ll have to spend some time wading through to see what I can come up with. At a quick glance, the majority seem to be Mac/PC, but there were a few possibilities in the bunch…
    btw, the pic on your blog, that is the happiest baby I have ever seen – what a cutie. πŸ™‚

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