Thoughts on change

This morning I’ve been doing some reading for a class in a book called The New Meaning of Educational Change. It’s a fairly simple (simplistic, perhaps) overview of the players, processes and tensions of initiating large scale change and making it stick. Anyway, although the book focuses on educational change, I’ve run across a few nuggets of wisdom that Bush and Co. may have found useful before they got us into this mess. The ideas are simple to understand, and catchy, just the way they like ’em.

…change is a process, not an event. (p. 52)
i.e., Mission Not Accomplished.

…the uniqueness of the individual setting is a critical factor – what works in one situation may not work in another. (p. 49)
i.e., Iraq ain’t America.

changes in beliefs and understanding…are the foundation of achieving lasting reform. (p. 45)
i.e., bombs and prison torture might just not be the right direction.


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