Peasant’s Quest…

…is up and ready for action. I’ve only spent a few minutes playing, and am somewhat stymied by my lack of experience with games like it. But even if you don’t get very far on your quest, it’s a freaking riot. The throwback touches are great, and Homestar-like humor abounds. Type something crazy into the text prompt – get baby, when you’re talking to a woman with a baby in her arms, for example – and you’ll get a snappy, sarcastic answer in return. I can already tell that I’m going to spend wayyy to much time exploring the game world. Now if only I can figure out how to get past that damn knight! (hints are most welcome! I can tell you where to get some rocks, and where the secret cool thing is hidden…)



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3 responses to “Peasant’s Quest…

  1. Katie

    hey i just been searching for hints for the peasants quest game and if your interested, ive managed to find this walkthrough.
    jus thought you might want some help, dun worry if you don’t need it
    Katie xxx<3

  2. u know

    i play peasant’s quest alot so i know alot of cheats. When u find the pebbles by the lake put them in the well’s bucket. it will go to the bottom type turn crank and a mask will come up use it to scare the horse. then go into the secret area and say haldo to the archer guy.he will go to his bro, that other archer guy. give them the super trinket and they will let u shoot at the target. if you hit the bulls eye 3 times u will get the bow (get the arrows from that secret area). use it to kill the kerrek then get his belt, next go in the mud, then jump in the hay. u have to get the riches from the jhonka fast. give the riches to the woman, she will give u the baby, put the baby in the well’s bucket, turn the crank and take the sub. thats all i got.

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