Baby’s done a bad bad thing

Yah, I suck. I’m a bad blogger, if infrequency of posting = bad (and it does, generally). I have excuses, though!

1. I’m really busy, and at the end of the day (around 10 pm or so) blogging is not high on my list of priorities. Also I’m too lazy to get up early and blog.

2. I’m boring as hell. B-O-R-I-N-G. Life in Vermont can be summed up in 10 words or less: work. eat. sleep. movies. gym. offroading. Burlington. Yah, see? Less than 10. Lame. Seriously, I just talked to a friend yesterday who I haven’t spoken to since I got here a month ago, and when she asked me what’s new, I really couldn’t come up with a single thing. (except for the fact that Dana, Gus and I had a conference proposal accepted. We’ll be talking about blogging at NRC in San Antonio in December. Very cool and nerve-racking. Speaking blog research, Kaye Trammell is pretty cool. Will definitely have to spend some time at her site.)

3. Aside from work, school reading, and the study I’m doing, I’ve turned my brain off.

So you see, I really have no content. It’s not my fault!

(ok. i’m lying. i’m just lazy. sigh.)


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