Tue – Fri

Plans for the rest of the week:

Tue: work. gym. tennis. food. round of Cranium with friends.

Wed: work. gym. food. quiz night at local bar (team came in 2nd last week, must uphold honor).

Thur: work. Spiderman 2. (hooray!)

Fri: work. farewell cookout for workshop participants. TBA.



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2 responses to “Tue – Fri

  1. Wow! Two posts in two days!
    Sounds like a very nice schedule, indeed. From what you said, you can’t beat the price of local Vermont beer!

  2. Sarah

    I know, two posts in two days, it’s a modern miracle… who knows, I might get back on IM someday! 🙂
    The best things in Middlebury are Otter Creek:
    Otter Creek Brewery ($10.99 for 12 bottles!!! I’m moving back up here for good.)
    Otter Creek Bakery (mmmmm.)
    I’ll bring ya back a case of beer if you want!

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