The end of the Bush legacy?

If actions speak louder than words, Bush’s darling daughters seem unlikely candidates to carry on the Bush political legacy. Aside from their exploits with underage drinking*, it seems as though Jenna was recently involved in international intrigue when her bodyguards clocked a Spanish man suspected of attempting to steal a cell phone.

*I’m sure it would suck to be a teenager growing up in the shadow of the White House, always in the public spotlight, and yes, many underage youths sneak into bars to drink. But come on, kids, show a little restraint, and tell your security agents to do the same. We expect our presidents to be über-human, so I don’t see why the kids get to opt out. Though the country did show startling compassion in letting an ex-drunk who liked to snort coke into our highest office. Hmm. Perhaps the twins have a shot after all.


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