Sex and the Pope

This article caught my eye in the online edition of the NY Times this morning: Spreading the Pope’s Message of Sexuality and a Willing Spirit As a bitter ex-Catholic, I tend to have an automatic sarcastic and dismissive reaction to church doctrine – bunch of crazy out of touch people – but as this had sex in the title, I thought I’d take a look. As it turns out, our current Pope wrote a theology of the body back in the 70’s that has gained popularity and is being widely examined and taught. Sadly, though to be expected, it’s not a revolutionary reworking of the rules of sex as the Church sees them. (Did you know that masturbation is outlawed by the Church? The nuns forgot to tell us something in CCD.) However, it does teach that within the parameters of the rules, it’s ok to have sexual desires and fulfillment – for both parties! How modern! Perhaps the Pope would like to suggest She Comes First to the male members of his flock?


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