Welcome to the Wu

I spent the long weekend in my hometown of Worcester, MA, otherwise known as Wusta (not Wor-chester, for god’s sake, people) or, to Holy Cross College students, the Wu. That last nickname threw me off when I heard it for the first time this fall, from a fellow TC student who had attended Holy Cross. Growing up, we mosty called Worcester by its name, didn’t give it any nicknames – unless you count shithole as a nickname, I guess. Realizing that the city was actually viewed in different ways by different people who lived there (college students, in this case) was kind of a shock.

Speaking of colleges and Worcester, until it came down in a terrible fire a few years ago there was an ad painted on the side of the Worcester Cold Storage Company building that said Every Great City Has At Least One College. Worcester Has Ten. And then it went on to list the colleges. Worcester does indeed have many colleges – counting 4-year, 2-year, state, community, private, and other sorts of colleges – but I always remember thinking that it was a bit disingenuous of them to say that Worcester had 10. In fact, several of the colleges on the list were located in smaller towns that neighbor Worcester, although it’s true that when asked, people from those towns often said they were from Worcester, which is at least slightly recognizable to New Englanders.

Some random Worcester thoughts for a Tuesday morning. More to come.


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