Stuff, For Your Surfing Pleasure

Steve has been a real link machine today, forwarding all sorts of sites that demonstrate the diversity of matieral that you can find on the web. Because I’m feeling too lazy to post something original, and because I found all this stuff funny and/or horrifying, let me share some of the highlights. (Then again, you can’t really accuse me of being lazy. After all, this is what the original weblogs were thought to be – literally, a list of one’s travels on the web [links]. Although most early webloggers did make the effort to find the links themselves, rather than waiting for them to appear in their inbox, I will grant you that.)

Ever wonder what happened to Kirk Cameron? Me either, until I saw this. Evangelical Christians unite! Be sure to take the Love Quiz, which is actually another attempt at indoctrination, disguised as a fun quiz.

Jon Stewart delivered the graduation speech at his alma mater, William and Mary. It’s good stuff. I heart Jon Stewart. We had biologist E.O. Wilson at our graduation… eminent, stately, and boring as hell. Ah well.

Last but not least, a person with even more time on their hands than I reconstructed scenes from the Old Testament using Legos. It’s a riot, and extremely well done, with a definite comic angle.

Themes for the day seem to be celebrities (or ex-celebrities turned fundamentalists) and religion. Hmm.



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3 responses to “Stuff, For Your Surfing Pleasure

  1. gus

    Ooh! God has swoopy sound effects! According to Kirk Cameron! (shudder, cringe) I found the no-clickies-til-you-finish-my-preachy-talk-through to be like nails on a chalkboard — since when does the internet tell you you can’t change the channel? Yeesh.

  2. You should listen to “Mule Variations” by Tom Waits. Track twelve is titled “Chocolate Jesus”. It seem approapriate for this post.

  3. Sarah

    I don’t think I, erm, borrowed any Tom Waits from you, Steve. Will have to rectify that in the future. Thanks for the tip.

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