Hee haw! Gonna shoot me some fish

On the front page of the New York Times online edition this morning: How to Catch Fish in Vermont: No Bait, No Tackle, Just Bullets” href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/11/national/11FISH.html”>How to Catch Fish in Vermont: No Bait, No Tackle, Just Bullets

Oh. My. God. Too funny. I have to say that in my 3 + years in Vermont, I never saw this particular sport in action, although I did see my share of rednecks (ask me about the Addison County Fair and Field Days). I asked a friend of mine, who is as close to a native Vermonter as I know, if he’s ever seen fish shooting in action, and he has not. Then again, he’s not a redneck. (yes, yes, politically incorrect, i know. oh well.) Between Howard Dean and fish shooting, Vermont’s looking pretty good in the national spotlight, huh? 🙂



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5 responses to “Hee haw! Gonna shoot me some fish

  1. Is this considered X-treme sports?

  2. Sarah

    Hard sayin’ not knowin’! (my favorite Vermont phrase) I’m not sure that it’s as X-treme as bow hunting or demo derbies, other popular Vermont “sports,” but to this suburbanite it’s about as X-terme as it gets!

  3. did you partake in any fish hunting this weekend?

  4. Sarah

    You betcha! I shot myself some carp and a couple of lake trout. Oh, and I took a few shots at Champ, the resident Lake Champlain lake-monster, but missed. There goes my chance at fame and glory.
    Ok, I’m lying. I didn’t partake in any hunting, unless you consider scoping out the single males at the wedding “hunting.” None to be found, however, they were as elusive as Champ. I can see what you mean about couples attending weddings though, it was so warm and fuzzy that you could practically see the girls going “I wish that was me” and the guys going “she wishes it was her, oh crap” 🙂

  5. im telling you. one of my friends fathers gave advice to never invite a woman you are dating to a wedding. oh, i have stories about my buddies wedding…
    at this same wedding, i met two women (both married) that accompany each other to every wedding they attend. They were a blast.

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